water sprite contd.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.58.29 PM


3 thoughts on “water sprite contd.

  1. I love that image. As a photoshop and illustrator user for logo concepts and photography related modifications on images, I always thought it would be even better if I could paint. Sometimes I have great ideas but cant do it as I am not a painter. I wonder how you did start to paint? Can you suggest any good sources to start learning drawing?

    • Thanks! I’ve been a member of DeviantArt, an online art community, for about 10 years and while I don’t post on there anymore, it was a huge inspiration for me when I was younger and it motivated me to try doing art digitally. When I was about 14 or 15, I got a sketchbook and just started drawing. I didn’t concern myself with making things perfect, I just wanted to draw all the time and get better. I have a couple of drawing books that are quite useful, such as Bridgman’s “Drawing from Life” and Giovanni Civardi’s Complete Guide to Drawing. As for painting in Photoshop, you just start by experimenting, trying different brushes, and doing life studies to gain a better understanding of shadows, highlights and textures (I need to do more still lifes myself). You can always Google or even YouTube search painting tutorials. It is also important to be very observant of every day things, or whatever subject you are interested in drawing. Watch people, look at the way light falls on objects, play with colors. Also observe the work of other artists; not to copy, but to see how they do things. It really does help!

      • I know DevianArt. It´s really inspiring also for other kind of graphics and also photography. I was sure learning to draw will take time. Looks like you did practice and practice a lot. I am guitar player since over 15 years and I think this is comparable. I became better but you can always improve things, which means I am still learning after so many years. But it´s advanced stuff today.

        But back to drawing. I also thought if a book could help me. I will take a look to your mentioned books in a book store. Hope I find them in germany but they can order also english books. Or maybe amazon. I also have seen a lot things on YouTube. Great place for learning. I did try to paint a cat with a tutorial on YouTube but my result was too funny 😀 But I was drawing with a computer mouse and the outcome was horrible.

        I guess I should either buy a cheap beginner wacom for pc or some old-fashioned drawing tools like pen and paper. I have a lot of paper here but I do think I should buy a very good pencil for drawing. I bet I will use the rubber pretty often 😀

        I am a little bit afraid. As said… learning guitar took me decades and you simply can´t stop playing as you always can improve and learn new things. But once you know how to play guitar, a lot of things to learn get simple and fun. It´s a hell of fun now. I reached that point. However, I am just afraid if I can be so motivated and focussed a second time in my life…I believe learning to draw will take as much time as learning to play guitar.

        Thanks for your tips and thoughts about the topic. 🙂 I stay tuned to see what you will come up with next. Like your drawing.

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